Why The Achievement Academy:


Fall 2012, Title IV institutions enrolled 18.2 million undergraduate and 2.9 million graduate students (1)
Fall 2012, 2,864,723 (13.5%) undergraduate enrolled were Black or African American students
Fall 2012, 328,630 (11.3%) graduate enrolled were Black or African American students
African American males earned 34.1% of Bachelor’s degrees awarded to Black students in 2009-10 (2)
African American males earned 34.8% of doctoral degrees 
(Ph.D., Ed.D., M.D., D.D.S., and JD awarded to Black students in 2009-10
2012, Number of licensed lawyers 1,268,011
2010, 88.1% White, not Hispanic and 4.8% Black, not Hispanic are lawyers

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The representation of Black males in all areas of higher education /advanced degrees has emerged as a national imperative.
Black men are needed to provide the intellectual leadership on pressing societal and educational problems (3)
Students of color perform better on a host of academic and adjustment outcomes if they are taught by teachers of color.

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equity in Education.